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Our Guide to Buying Japanese Used Cars

Are you considering investing in a Japanese used car? Great choice! These beauties are the gems of the pre-loved vehicle market, offering reliable performance and a wide range of affordable…

A view of Auckland from the North side of the harbour bridge.

Buying from Out of Town: How to Choose the Right Vehicle

If you’re living outside of Auckland, you can still shop for used cars in Auckland’s dealerships. Our Out-of-Town Buyers programme lets Kiwis from all over the country browse through Motor…

An old, orange Volkswagen Beetle; the type of second-hand vehicle most people don’t want.

Busting Four of the Biggest Second-Hand Vehicle Myths

The second-hand vehicle market in New Zealand is booming, but as one of the premier used car dealers in Auckland, we at Motor Co have still noticed some of our…

A hand placing a coin into a pink piggy bank.

Our Guide to Evaluating Your Financial Situation

One of our top tips for buying a used car is to understand your financial situation before you sign on the dotted line. Some people can purchase their car all…

A row of cars parked in a dealership.

Five Benefits of Trading in and Trading Up

When you’re in the process of buying a new car, sometimes the logistics can be tricky. It’s not uncommon to be ready to ditch your old car, unable to find…

Image Of A Person seating In The Car And Disinfecting with Alcohol Spray The Car Inside

How Motor Co is Responding to COVID-19 (Updated 28/08/20)

Across all levels of New Zealand’s COVID-19 Alert, it’s Motor Co’s priority to keep our customers, our staff, and the people of New Zealand safe. This is a part of…

Used Japanese import car being charged.

Which Is Better, Petrol-Powered or Electric Vehicles?

If you’re looking to buy a used car in NZ, there are heaps of options to choose from and lots to think about. One of the main considerations is what…

A person test driving a vehicle in blurred focus.

Test Drives 101: How to Put a Used Car to the Test

Going to buy a used car in NZ is like heading to a store to buy a new shirt; if you don’t try it out, you might end up with…

A teenager sitting in his car

A Basic Guide to Buying Your First Vehicle

Many people have never dipped their toes into the world of car buying, car finance, negotiations, and valuations. Whether you’re sixteen years old and ready to start driving or thirty…

A close-up shot of a car’s stereo and navigation system.

Cost-Effective Ways to Upgrade A Used Car

If we’re talking tips for buying a used car, there are few tips that are better than getting the all-important “upgrades”. Old cars can indeed learn new tricks, and, best…

A close-up of a hybrid used car’s “hybrid” logo

The Future is Now: Our Hybrid Used Cars

We have been blessed with electric and hybrid used cars because automakers around the world are constantly striving for the next big thing in vehicle technology. Their most recent innovations…

A Honda used car, parked in front of snow-capped mountain backdrop

Our Picks for the Brands That Make the Best Pre-Loved Vehicles

As a used car dealer in Auckland, we see many different cars passing through our lots, each with their own unique benefits. We love to match our customers with a…