• A Nissan Fairlady driving along the streets of Rotterdam.
    Why Japanese Vehicles Make Amazing Second-hand Cars
    Mazda, Toyota, Suzuki, Nissan—used cars from Japan are some of the most common models you’ll see on the road in New Zealand today, and there’s a reason for that! Most Japanese vehicle brands are known for their almost unshakeable reliability. Put them through a hundred thousand kilometres and they’ll happily give you a hundred thousand […]
  • Close up of a teenager wearing glasses showing the thumb up hand gesture and happy through car window, after buying used car
    The 5 Best Used Cars for Your Teenager
    As parents, it goes without saying that you want to get the best car for your teen. However, choosing the right one becomes a difficult decision when you don’t want to spend a small fortune or compromise their safety. After all, driving is a huge life change, but it doesn’t come without its own set […]
  • A toy car sitting next to a stack of gold coins.
    Bad Credit and Need a Car Loan? Here’s How to Do It
    Many loan companies and used car dealers in Auckland have been known to prey on people with a bad credit score, because these people are in a difficult position. They’re in need of a new car to get around, get to a job, or transport their family, but previous financial circumstances have landed them in […]
  • Smiling New Zealand family with two kids sitting in Japanese used car trunk and looking at camera
    The Best Japanese Model Cars for Families
    Japanese used cars are among the top choices for car buyers who are on a budget. So, it’s no surprise that starting families looking for affordable options tend to lean on these cars to carry the rest of the family members along on great Kiwi adventures, making them the no-brainer choice for the perfect family […]
  • How-to-evaluate-used-car
    How to Evaluate a Used Car
    Planning to buy a second-hand car means you have to double your efforts in making sure it’s still in good working condition. Since a vehicle is a sizable investment, it’s only right to take the time to evaluate the vehicle and make sure you’re getting a good deal —even when it’s second hand. You can […]
  • Smiling couple buying a new car with car finance at car showroom
    Benefits of Car Financing with Your Dealership
    When you plan to purchase a car, you have to go through a series of steps that start with browsing through your options, choosing the right type of car, visiting dealerships to see different offers, negotiating terms and sale price, and lastly, determining how to pay for your chosen vehicle. While some buyers are able […]
  • A blue hybrid vehicle from a used car dealer in Auckland, set against the backdrop of a sunset.
    Why You Should Buy a Used Hybrid Vehicle
    The world of electric vehicles has something for everyone, and we think that all used car dealers in Auckland should reflect that selection. When purchased used, both hybrids and pure electrics offer numerous benefits, as well as a few cons. So, in this blog post we take prospective buyers through all the need-to-know facts before […]
  • A silver Toyota emblem on the hood of a sky-blue car.
    The Most Popular Used Cars in New Zealand
    It’s not hard to understand why people are increasingly becoming more attracted to buying used cars in New Zealand. The import market has more than enough makes and models to choose from, and you get great value for your money. More often than not, these vehicles are Japanese import cars well regarded for their reliability […]
  • Man signing a purchase contract with car keys on the table.
    Buying Used: What they Don’t Want You to Know
    There are many available tips for buying a used car. As a prospective buyer, you will want to look into your options extensively, compare different vehicle prices, dig dip into the car’s history, and more, but what most potential buyers don’t know is that there’s more to knowing the basics! As a car shopper, it’s […]
  • A hand holding a key fob, with blurred toy cars and coins in the background.
    Buying Vehicles from Out of Town: A Guide
    Motor Co differs from other Penrose car dealers because it offers a very unique option to people all over New Zealand: anyone outside of Auckland can purchase a car with us. But how does that work, and why choose to purchase from out-of-town? In this blog post, we’re going to look at the key points […]
  • Image of a woman inflating the rear wheel of the car
    Three Tips for Maintaining a Used Car
    Visiting used car dealers in Auckland may seem like a gamble to many. However, that’s because a lot of Kiwis carry a misconception that used cars give up the ghost quickly. This is a costly myth, as most pre-loved vehicles will give you a lot of good years for a much lower price compared to […]
  • New luxury shiny SUV compact car parked in modern showroom. Car dealership office.
    Used Cars vs. New Cars: Get Straight-Up Facts
    Of all the thousands of used cars for sale in Auckland, there can be a few duds here and there. But when you go to a trusted, customer-oriented dealership, you can easily pick up a quality vehicle for an extremely affordable price. The high rate of automotive turnover in New Zealand means that there are […]