The world of electric vehicles has something for everyone, and we think that all used car dealers in Auckland should reflect that selection. When purchased used, both hybrids and pure electrics offer numerous benefits, as well as a few cons. So, in this blog post we take prospective buyers through all the need-to-know facts before hitting the lot.

Buckle in and break out a notepad, and let’s dive into the world of second-hand electric vehicles.

Buying Used Cars: Pure Electric vs Hybrid

Pure electric vehicles are the most environmentally conscious driving option in the modern-day world. They run on electricity alone, so they don’t use any petrol, and the higher-end models can go a fairly good distance before running out of battery.

The problem is, buying a purely electric vehicle on a budget is difficult because of their nature. They have a lot of new technology in them, so even the lower-end models are relatively pricey. So, why not buy used? The reality is that pre-owned pure electric cars will have reduced battery efficiency, so a full battery won’t carry it as far as it used to.

On the other hand, used hybrid cars are more reliable because they have two engines to share the load—electric and petrol. They are still far more environmentally conscious than your typical ICE vehicle (internal combustion engine vehicle), and they’re a lot more convenient to own than a pure electric car. Ultimately, hybrids present the best of both worlds at a much more attainable cost.

Benefits of Buying a Used Hybrid Car

If you’re searching for a greener way to drive while trying to stay on a budget, there really is no better choice than a used hybrid vehicle. Much like the multitude of Japanese used cars populating dealerships across the country, hybrids are well-built (so they will last you a long time). They also reduce your carbon emissions significantly!

Friendly to the Environment… and Your Wallet

Electric vehicles undoubtedly come at a premium (even when used), and that kind of price can be difficult to justify for the average vehicle-buyer. However, you can slice around twenty per cent of your driving emissions—this percentage varies from hybrid to hybrid—from the equation as soon as you get behind the wheel.

Running a car on electricity also tends to work out much cheaper than driving with gas, so driving a hybrid will slice a sizeable chunk off your fuel costs.

Broader Range to Choose From

Hybrid vehicles have permeated the New Zealand vehicle market more than electric vehicles have, which means they’re more accessible and readily available at used car dealerships. So, rather than being confined to one kind of car or even a single price bracket, you have a large pool of vehicles from which to choose your personal favourite.

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