Known for performance, design, and quality, Volkswagen is a high-quality car brand that pays great attention to detail. Their range provides cutting-edge technology, ultimate comfort, a confident look, as well as powerful performance. Whether you’re planning to drive a midsize car or a sporty hatchback, Volkswagen is an excellent choice for drivers who are looking for stylish vehicles that provide a comfortable and reliable driving experience. 

If you want to experience the Volkswagen ride for yourself, but are leaning towards a more practical choice, buying used Volkswagen cars is one of the best deals you can get without compromising on quality. We run down some of the most popular and sensible Volkswagen options you can consider when purchasing here at Motor Co!

 Volkswagen Golf

The Volkswagen Golf hatchback is considered the first compact car to rise above the economy car label. Why? It stands out for its comfortable seating, quiet interior, highway stability and comfort, and overall smooth ride. Unlike many compact cars, the Volkswagen Golf is one hatchback you can drive to the open road and take on long journeys without worries.

It features a seamless, airy interior, a sleek exterior, and altogether makes for a powerful but fuel-efficient car. The driving feel offers the right balance of comfort and sport with firm steering responses. It also features excellent power steering tuning and road-noise isolation, making it ideal for your long rides.

Volkswagen Tiguan

A midsize sporty SUV, the Volkswagen Tiguan is well-known for its turbocharged engine with a highway mileage of 42 mpg. This premium crossover vehicle features a vast interior and successfully delivers the exceptional standards of a Volkswagen—excellent performance, classic style, and appropriate size. 

If you’re looking for a compact crossover with a versatile and comfortable interior, the Tiguan is a strong contender. 

It features supportive seats that provide comfort and an excellent driving position. It also boasts top-notch safety features such as side airbags, side-curtain bags, stability control, and hill-descent control to help control speed on steep slopes. All this makes the Tiguan an excellent choice for Kiwi families!

Volkswagen Polo

A humble supermini, the Volkswagen Polo is a smaller version of the Golf, yet it offers a lot of space compared to other mini rivals. Albeit a small ride, you can get similar levels of comforts to that of a Volkswagen Golf. It presents a premium timeless interior and a smooth and fun ride. 

Every Volkswagen Polo model assures that you of a safe and comfortable ride. Humble yet sophisticated, getting a secondhand Volkswagen Polo is one of the practical choices you can make for a premium supermini.

Let Motor Co help you choose the right VW model!

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