Want to Buy a Japanese Used Car from a Trustworthy Dealership in Auckland? Make MOTOR CO Your Dealer

Have you ever stopped to think about just how huge of an effect the car has on our lives? It’s such that many areas have now adapted to the fact that everyone drives. Using our cars to get around is fine, but what happens when what you drive no longer meets your needs? Your old car might be suffering from persistent mechanical faults, or it may lack the space needed by a growing family.

Obviously, it’s time to look for a “new” vehicle. However, it’s not always easy to afford a brand-new factory-priced car. When you’re on a budget but you still have an idea of what you want, you’ll want to find a Japanese used car dealership in Auckland with a reliable track record. MOTOR CO can meet your needs.

We import many quality vehicles from Japan, including a broad range of the most popular makes and models. Therefore, we hope you’ll find it straightforward and easy to locate the ideal used car for your family at MOTOR CO. We do more than simply sell cars, though. Here, we strive to offer a level of service that goes above and beyond both in the financing department and long-term service. Our size and longevity mean that should you ever need service on your vehicle later; we are always available.

Extensive services for Japanese used cars in Auckland

MOTOR CO does more than just sell used vehicles. We also provide our customers with dealer financing options to make those cars affordable, plus many types of insurance to keep you protected well into the future. Our insurance offerings include PPI and GAP insurances all the way down to basic services like paint protection. Our aim isn’t to sell you a car and disappear. Instead, you can trust in the fact that we have been a trusted Japanese used car dealer in Auckland for quite some time.

You can even return to us when your car needs service. We are equipped with our own service centre and mechanics, who are experienced with Japanese imports. Our dealership is a true one-stop-shop for your automotive needs. When it’s time to move on up to a larger car for your family, don’t stress. Simply come and speak to a dealer here instead; a hassle-free experience is our hallmark.

Find everything you need for your next vehicle at MOTOR CO

No matter what you hope to find when you begin looking for Japanese used cars in Auckland, we hope you’ll find what you need at MOTOR CO. We also hope that should you purchase a car from our lot; it won’t be the last we see of you! Whether you return to discuss your insurance needs or because your vehicle needs servicing, our experienced team will always be here and at your disposal. You can also call the dealership on 0800 818 800 when you want to speak to a dealer about questions you may have after browsing our site. Let’s get you behind the wheel of a car you’ll love today.