Think You Can’t Buy Used Cars on Finance?

Think Again. We can finance a variety of situations even if you don’t have a trade-in car or a deposit. We are willing to work with you. MOTOR CO can often give you a better deal than the banks can, and get you financed and driving off the yard today. See how affordable it is to finance a used car with our instant finance calculator with estimates of low weekly payments.

When other used car finance banks and dealers say no, we can say yes. Don’t let fear stop you and fill out an online application for pre-approval of your finance purchased used car. Yes, that’s right, you can get an instant decision on a loan amount and start browsing for cars from our selection straight away. If you’ve been in the market for used cars on finance, a newer car, or a quality Japanese or European import, browse our incredible selection of the best used cars in New Zealand.

Straightforward Pricing of Finance on Used Cars

Never be intimidated by the used car buying process again with our straightforward pricing structure. We take the guesswork out of the buying process by listing the used car finance pricing up front. These estimates immediately let you know if the vehicle you’re looking at is close to your budget. We have nothing to hide with our clear and transparent pricing shown right next to our total purchase price. You can see how much the finance price on used cars would be weekly, fortnightly or monthly. We remove all the intimidation out of the process so you can make a confident choice for a quality used cars on finance.

Apply Online to Finance a Used Car

Use our simple online application to get pre-approval of your used car finance offer. From the convenience of your own home or office, you can enter your details regarding your income and employment to be on your way to driving a new Japanese car or luxury European import. Through this easy process, you can complete your application and then come to the dealership and test drive the cars you’ve already had your eye on and know that once your mind is made up, there won’t be any snags with the finance.

We make car buying easy, affordable and fun. There are no suspenseful, nail-biting moments you might have with a typical dealership. No wondering if you’re being charged the same price as the next person with hidden and complicated pricing. No falling in love with the car of your dreams only to be disappointed later by finding out that it’s not in your budget, and having to start the search all over again. Doesn’t it make more sense to get finance approval on used cars before you start carefully selecting your next car? Walk through our doors knowing you’re approved so that you can worry about bigger decisions like whether to have a Mercedes or BMW, or if you should choose black, red or silver for your next car.