Buying a used car in Auckland can be an intimidating process. There are so many models available, and so much jargon thrown about that it can be easy to get overwhelmed. The first choice a potential buyer will have to make is whether to buy a car through a private sale or a dealership. Today we run through the key benefits of buying a car through a dealership vs a private seller.

An Easier Process

Buying your car through an Auckland car dealer is going to be a much simpler process than buying privately, and this is due to a couple of key reasons:

More Time

When buying from a dealership you have a lot more time to decide on the purchase. Dealerships will keep their yards filled with many cars that may interest you which gives you enough time to make a choice you are truly comfortable with, while a private seller will often be an auction sale for a single vehicle. This can lead to feeling overly pressured to make an offer even if you’re not sure about the purchase. 

Flexible Payments

The ability to structure payments to suit you is another way that buying through a dealership makes car buying easier. Private sales will often demand full cash up front with no ability to provide finance or flexible payment plans, but dealerships have a range of finance and payment options to suit your financial situation, making it easier to get on the road sooner.

Consumer Rights & Peace of Mind

Another benefit to buying through a dealership is quality, warranties, and peace of mind. 

Higher Quality Vehicles

With a dealership, you are more likely to buy a higher quality vehicle. Dealerships, unlike individual private sellers, have reputations to uphold with their customer base. This means they spend more time curating their stock to ensure they’re selling only the most reliable vehicles to their customers. This means you can be more confident in the information provided by the dealership about the state of the vehicle and can make a more informed decision based on their advice.

Consumer Guarantees Act

Prospective buyers have many more consumer rights when buying a used or new vehicle from a car dealership as compared to a private sale, because dealers must comply with the Consumer Guarantees Act, the Fair Trading Act, be registered (and meet the requirements that come with that), and are obligated to give you accurate information regarding the vehicle you are purchasing. The Consumer Guarantees Act specifically states that a vehicle should be of acceptable quality, fit for purpose, and be “as described” by the dealership.

These guarantees will give you that extra peace of mind to allow you to buy a vehicle with confidence.

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