If we’re talking tips for buying a used car, there are few tips that are better than getting the all-important “upgrades”. Old cars can indeed learn new tricks, and, best of all, you don’t have to spend a fortune to fit your car with some helpful mod-cons.

Don’t dread having to be envious of great tech in other people’s cars, because there are cost-effective ways to add them aftermarket! In fact, you can treat it like you’re tailoring the vehicle to your ideal specifications, and we’ve got a few upgrades on the list that all go a long way to making your vehicle perfect for you.

Bluetooth Capability

Bluetooth has become a common— and even expected—feature in modern vehicles. If you’re buying used, a Bluetooth-enabled stereo is an easy, cost-effective aftermarket solution that gives your car one of the essential mod-cons of the present day.

Bluetooth capability lets you play music from your phone and take you hands-free calls. Some even come with built-in navigation! Not only that, you can boost your sound system in the same move.

Even better: you can get these stereos installed by the very same dealership you purchase your car from. Here at MotorCo, we offer Bluetooth stereos with options for streaming music, GPS, USB, and AUX functions, and we’ll install it before we pass your vehicle to you.

A Heads-Up Display

The “heads-up display” is often relegated to science fiction films or concepts of fighter jets, but for a reasonable price you can purchase a heads-up display that works with your smartphone.

These kinds of displays are made with a durable, mirror-glazed glass or plastic that sits atop your dashboard. They’re designed to either connect to your smartphone or reflect what’s on the screen (the former is the more expensive of the two options), so you don’t have to stare down at your phone when navigating to that brand-new café.

As an aftermarket value-add, the heads-up display is a tough one to beat! It brings all the futurism of newer vehicles to your car without dragging high prices alongside it. In addition, it can work for any car that you buy; from European to Japanese used cars, you don’t have to worry about the model when buying an HUD.

Seat Warmers or Massagers

For those cold, rainy winter mornings New Zealand is known for, there are few better remedies than a heated seat cushion for your commute. You can buy seat covers that will heat your tush and back while driving, adjust your posture, vibrate or massage for loosening your muscles—choose which features you spring for! Just attach the cover to your car’s power via a standard 12V adapter, and you’re away.

Alternatively, you can opt to replace your seats with actual heated seats. This is a much more expensive option to deliver a very similar result to the heated covers, but they do add a lot of value to your vehicle in the case of a re-sale or trade-in.

MotorCo provides aftermarket accessories to make your new ride perfect.

If you’re not sure which aftermarket features you want to add to your car, don’t know what your options are, or you’re worried about choosing wrong, come and chat to the friendly MotorCo team!

MotorCo is dedicated to selling high-quality used cars at the best prices, and with a friendly team to boot! Visit us at our East Tamaki or Penrose dealership, or get in touch via our website to see the host of aftermarket car accessories for Auckland customers we offer.