Browse Imported Cars with Dealership Financing Available in Auckland At Friendly Car Dealer MOTOR CO

Having a budget is an incredibly useful financial tool. From planning your monthly meals and making sure your bills get paid on time to working towards a major purchase, a budget just makes smart financial sense. When you’re planning on buying a car, the budget is even more important. Figuring out how to plan for a car purchase can be quite the challenge.

It’s all about balancing what you need in a car with the additional amenities you hope to find. For many, a brand-new vehicle is simply an expense that is out of reach. That’s why MOTOR CO works so hard to provide an excellent used car dealership to the Auckland area. Working with your budget is what we do best. Not only do we have a huge inventory of competitively priced cars at our Auckland yard from which to choose, but we also have financing options available right here.

We aim to be your partners in this transaction: working with you honestly and on the level to get you the right car at the right price. We understand just how important this type of purchase is to many people. With that in mind, let’s discuss the kinds of benefits you get from buying and financing through MOTOR CO.

We’ll help you finance cars in Auckland

Learning a little about your budget is the best way for us to begin helping you. We stress responsible lending practices, and thus we prefer to help you find the car that fits into your financial plan. Before you even visit the dealership, you can run some numbers yourself here on our site. Just use our finance calculator and input the purchase price of the car you’re considering. Add in the other figures, and you’ll have a good idea of what kind of repayment plan you’d have. You can also use our calculator to list cars in our dealership inventory that meet your budget!

Once you come to speak to a dealer, we’ll work to find the best plan and rate for your needs. We can often beat rates you may find elsewhere. MOTOR CO emphasises a friendly, fair transaction at all stages. We love to connect people with the cars they need without busting their budget.

Discover the perfect car for your needs now

All in all, we hope that by the time you conclude your business with us, you walk away with three things. They are: the sense of a fair interaction with the dealer, the excitement of closing a large purchase, and of course, your new vehicle. As a dedicated car dealer for Auckland residents, we look forward to meeting and working with you as you try to narrow down your choices. Be sure to ask us about our other services. We take trade-ins, too! Don’t forget to find out how much trade-in value you could receive for your previous car. Take a look at our inventory online, or come to see us at your convenience.