The second-hand vehicle market in New Zealand is booming, but as one of the premier used car dealers in Auckland, we at MotorCo have still noticed some of our customers experiencing some trepidation at the thought of buying a used car.

In fact, many people are averse to walking into a used car dealership because of the various horror stories they’ve heard about elevated maintenance costs, poor resale value, and even the dreaded “lemon”. While some of these stories may have held water in years past thanks to lower vehicle quality, the modern used car market offers reliable, stylish, and affordable options for pretty much everybody.

Considering buying your own pre-loved vehicle? Buckle up and take a ride with us as we debunk the four most common used car myths we encounter as a used car dealer.

Myth #1: Second-hand Vehicles Have Little to No Resale Value

This is a very common myth that originates from the misconception that cars only have resale value the first time they are re-sold. Luckily for you (and for us), that isn’t the case!

A car’s resale value is affected by how many times it has been owned previously, but that impact is minimal compared to factors like:

  • The condition of the car at the time of the sale
  • The mileage on the odometer
  • The car’s colour
  • The make and model

If you purchase a second-hand vehicle and care for it well—just as you would with a brand-new car—then, when the time comes to resell, you will have no problem finding interested buyers. This is especially true if you opt to sell it to a car dealer like MotorCo, as this guarantees a fair evaluation of the price and protects you as the seller.

Myth #2: The Range of Second-hand Vehicles is Too Small

Next up, the myth of availability. Many people think that the second-hand market is too small to provide enough choice for them, but if you browse through any number of used car dealerships, you’ll find myriad models to choose from. This is thanks to the booming second-hand vehicle market we mentioned at the top of the article.

Kiwis are embracing a sustainable mindset more and more every day! Combined with more reliable auto-manufacturing, pre-loved vehicles have seen a massive rise in popularity. Therefore, if you walk into a used car dealership, you’ll find all kinds of cars! From SUVs and hatchbacks to sport hatches and luxury sedans, there’s no end to the choices awaiting you on the tarmac.

Myth #3: Pre-Loved Vehicles Are Unreliable

Because pre-loved vehicles aren’t straight off the manufacturing line, many buyers understandably feel that they aren’t reliable, and therefore avoid them altogether. This is unfortunate because modern technology and manufacturing processes mean second-hand cars are just as reliable as their brand-new counterparts when properly cared for.

Japanese used cars are particularly robust as they are crafted using lean manufacturing methods (made from fewer pieces), so they are far less prone to mechanical issues from age. Even if you choose a European model, providing you properly care for your vehicle, there is no reason it won’t last you for a very long time.

If the reliability of your second-hand purchase is something that deeply concerns you, consider avoiding private sales and venturing into a used car dealership instead. Private sellers aren’t regulated by the New Zealand government, so they’re not required to give you the checks and warranties a corporate dealership does. Therefore, you’re more likely to end up with the dreaded lemon with myriad hidden issues when you buy privately.

Myth #4: All Used Cars Are Unsafe or Outdated

Finally, our last myth: all used cars are unsafe or outdated. Once again, this misconception is driven by a knowledge of the second-hand car market from many years ago. Customers have held on to the idea of a used car industry rife with over-used and under-maintained vehicles. However, the rise in second-hand popularity, evolving manufacturing processes, and government regulation have all worked to eliminate safety concerns.

While there are definitely some very old cars circling around the market, the majority of vehicles available through dealerships have been appropriately dated, checked over by a qualified mechanic, and deemed safe to drive. In addition, people cycle through their cars every few years, so there are always modern vehicles available for your pre-loved purchase.

All in all, it’s usually best to browse regulated vehicles available through a second-hand car dealer like MotorCo. Dealers like this are legally obligated to provide you with any and all relevant information on the car’s condition, and you can avoid the hassle of doing myriad mechanical checks out of your own pocket.

Find the safe, affordable, stylish pre-loved vehicle of your dreams with MotorCo.

From pre-approved car finance to virtual vehicle tours, we do anything and everything we can to make your second-hand buying journey as hassle-free as possible. Browse our vehicles online, visit one of our Auckland car dealerships, or get in touch with a friendly team member to get started!