When you plan to purchase a car, you have to go through a series of steps that start with browsing through your options, choosing the right type of car, visiting dealerships to see different offers, negotiating terms and sale price, and lastly, determining how to pay for your chosen vehicle. While some buyers are able to pay in full cash and drive off their purchase straight on the road, it’s certainly not everyone’s go-to option, especially not in New Zealand. It’s a good thing there’s car finance in Auckland that offers flexible terms for those of you who need to purchase a new or used car. You can either go to a bank or a finance company to apply for a direct loan, or you can simply skip that lengthy process and work with your dealership for in-house financing.

Today, we discuss the benefits of dealer-arranged financing!

Relevant Promotional offers

One of the best things that make dealership financing attractive is their promotional offers. Some dealerships offer 0% APR (annual percentage rate) on specific models of new cars that can make for a better financing deal compared to applying for car loans in banks. These offers may only be available to buyers who have excellent credit but still make a great promotion for potential buyers.

Lower interest rates

More often than not, car dealers have access to a wider range of financing options and work with a broader array of financing institutions than a typical buyer. The wide selection of options makes it possible for the dealership to find you a loan with lower interest rates or lower monthly repayments to provide flexible terms.

MotorCo offers great car finance options if you have a deposit or a trade-in, as well as a wide range of interest rates and finance terms. Otherwise, we can evaluate your circumstances and see if there’s a solution for you.

Room for negotiation

A dealership often works as a middleman when arranging and working out the best car loans in Auckland. Naturally, there’s a mark-up for your loan to make room for their own share of profit-making. However, this gives you leverage as a buyer to negotiate the sale price or ask for a loan with better terms. Dealerships are more open to negotiating interest rates and are more likely to offer lower prices since they can compare lenders’ offers to find you the best deal.

Less paperwork

Working with your dealership for financing means the purchase process is more streamlined. After all, it’s their job to make things as quick and easy as possible. You won’t have to worry about the hustle and bustle of paperwork because the dealer’s finance representative will handle all the work for you.

Drive your car home the same day

Going with your dealership for financing usually means you can get your car and car loan all in the same place. Dealers who partner with lenders may get the funds directly, and you can drive away your car as soon as you sign the documents!

Choose MotorCo for your vehicle financing!

If you want to buy used cars in NZ, MotorCo is the dealership to work with! We offer quick, easy, competitive car loans and vehicle financing to suit your unique needs. As a dealership that specialises in easy finance, we work hard to make your vehicle buying experience as hassle-free as possible also ensure you get the lowest interest rates as well as tailored finance packages to suit your budget and lifestyle. Apply now for a pre-approved vehicle loan!