Use MOTOR CO’s Unique Auto Finance Calculator to Find the Financing Deal for You

That moment happens. You’ve been searching for months for the “perfect” car for you and your family. You finally found it! It’s a new, dark blue Volvo station wagon. Your wife squeals with delight, imagining your children snug and safe in the backseats. But then, that other moment happens. You think to yourself, ‘I love it, but I don’t see how I can afford it.’ You aren’t alone! The quest for a quality vehicle can seem overwhelming and often too expensive.

The MOTOR CO website uses auto financing calculators to assist buyers with their auto finance needs. We utilise many auto finance companies, and our customers trust us to use auto financing calculators weighed against each situation to create affordable, individual plans expediently.

At MOTOR CO there are no “sticker surprises”. We post our auto financing calculator results on the vehicles so customers can begin to consider their options right at the car. As you’re walking around our range of used cars, you can quickly and easily compare finance deals “like-for-like”, and find out which cars are within your budget.

Responsible Auto Financing with Access to Auto Financing Companies and Decisions Made using Precise Auto Calculators

MOTOR CO leaves nothing to the imagination. You’ll find information on interest, repayment plans, down payments, trade-in potential and other financing options posted on our vehicles. Our auto financing department is filled with knowledgeable and caring staff, who understands that every situation is different. Whether you work for yourself or nine to five, we will help you to find a financing solution to accommodate.

MOTOR CO has a stock of over 500 vehicles at two accessible locations in Auckland. Our import models include Audi, Volvo, Volkswagen, BMW and Mercedes. We trust our customers will find their right vehicle with us, and we are confident that using our auto finance calculators MOTOR CO, we will also get you the right finance option.

We Have a Reputation for Auto Financing Satisfaction

We can tailor our finance packages for each customer, with the end goal of a satisfied customer who also has financial peace of mind. A car purchased with the just-right auto finance plan is the right car purchased! MOTOR CO will help you through the process; to decide whether to use a trade in, or provide a down payment. We also explain all about interest and all other details within the auto finance plan.

We are responsible lenders, with satisfied and successful customers. The joy of the vehicle purchase will never be overshadowed by the confusion or stress of a poor auto finance option. Our customers feel as sound about their auto finance plans as they do about our vehicles because MOTOR CO focuses on high-quality cars and sound financial decisions. That level of confidence allows our customers to get on with the business of happy driving!

Please contact our auto finance department at either of our two locations in Penrose or Mt. Smart for more information about our auto finance calculators, and how our financing plans will help you to achieve your vehicle goals.