Japanese Import Cars. 6 Benefits of Buying Used Japanese Cars in New Zealand

When it comes Kiwis buying new vehicles, Japanese cars are always heavily represented. In fact, 7 of the top 10 cars sold in New Zealand in 2018 were Japanese imports. So why are Japanese import cars so popular?

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6 Benefits of Buying Used Japanese Cars in New Zealand

The benefits of buying Japanese imports are numerous and since our vehicle imports regulations were relaxed in the 1990s, a wide variety of reliable vehicles entered New Zealand at lower price points. Japanese imports had an immediate effect on Kiwi motorists and their quality vehicles still continue to dominate our roads. So why are Japanese import cars so popular?

1. Japanese Cars Are Reliable

Probably the biggest and most widely-known benefit to purchasing a Japanese car is that they are known for their incredible reliability. You can drive a Japanese vehicle and feel confident that it will just run, and run, and run.

They are dependable, reliable and are generally trouble-free. The perception of reliability is further reinforced through popular culture — remember the Top Gear episode “Killing a Toyota”?

We hear stories practically ever week of proud Toyota (or other Japanese car) owners amazed that their vehicle is still running despite owning it for years and the odometer reading 250,000kms+.

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2. Japanese Cars Are Efficient

Another big consideration that many Kiwis take into account when buying a Japanese car is that they are known to be fuel efficient.

Rising fuel costs and the ever-rising cost of living means that fuel economy plays a key part in the decision to buying a Japanese import. Japanese vehicles make for exceptional city cars due to their fuel economy and size.

Japanese cars are generally less expensive than other larger vehicles to operate and they also tend to produce fewer emissions which is something we all understand to be an important consideration.

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3. Japanese Cars Are Easy to Find Part For

As we have previously mentioned, the influx of Japanese import cars into New Zealand has meant that they are extremely popular cars to drive. As a result of this popularity, spare parts are readily available and mechanical support is also easy to find.

Mechanics tend to have even greater experience at servicing Japanese cars due to them being very popular with Kiwi motorists. Therefore, specific issues can be easily identified and are often resolved quicker and at a lower costs than other vehicles, such as European cars.

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4. Japanese Cars Are Quality Vehicles at Lower Costs

Another reason why Japanese cars are so popular in New Zealand is that despite their lower price points (compared to European cars for example) Japanese imports are still built with quality in mind — manufacturing corners are not cut to facilitate lower prices.

Used Japanese cars are typically priced lower to other car brands due to the fiercely competitive market so consumers expect more for their money. Another reason why Japanese cars are so well-priced is down to their motoring laws. In Japan, if a vehicle is older than three years the owner has to pay for a compulsory safety inspection which is very costly.

Due to this extra cost, and combined with the lower costs of buying vehicles in Japan, it is often more economical to replace their cars. This high turnover of relatively new Japanese cars means that more vehicles enter New Zealand at lower price points — great for Kiwis!

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5. Japanese Cars Have a High Resale Value

When it’s time to pass your vehicle on and look for an upgrade, one thing Japanese car owners agree on is that they hold their value really well.

Japanese cars tend not to depreciate as rapidly as European or American vehicles and higher asking prices can be achieved when it’s time to sell the Japanese car.

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6. Japanese Cars Look Great

When you take into account all of the great benefits Japanese cars have it’s difficult to choose anything other than a quality, efficient, reliable, and cost-effective Japanese import — but all of this combined in a vehicle that all looks great? The combination of these factors make for a winning combination.

Japanese cars are designed in a way that doesn’t go out of style very quickly, in fact, Japanese design in general is known for its simplicity and timeless style. Japanese car designers don’t change the design of their vehicles as often as European or American brands and therefore don’t date as quick.

If you are looking for a reliable, cost-effective, quality, fuel efficient car that looks great — Japanese import cars are the way to go.

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