A pair of hands holding a japanese used car wrapped in a bow.

As a Penrose car dealer with a lot of traffic, we know that holidays always pose a challenge to gift-givers. Finding the perfect gift for a special person in your life can be, at times, difficult. You want to give something significant and thoughtful, but you also want it to be practical so that it can improve their day-to-day life.

If you plan to go big, gifting a second-hand vehicle for Christmas would be undoubtedly one of the most generous gifts you could ever give. Whether you spend $5,000 on a used car or thousands more on a brand new one, the generosity of giving a loved one a vehicle remains the same. We doubt they’ll ever complain about a new set of wheels, even if it’s pre-loved!

Why Gifting a Used Car is a Smart Move

It’s a popular notion that giving “used” presents can be tacky, however that notion doesn’t apply to used vehicles. There are tons of quality used vehicles that serve as great gifts. Japanese used cars, for that matter, are known to have long life spans due to their highly reliable construction. These are tried and tested vehicles that maintain their condition with regular servicing. This can also make them the ideal car to gift to a teenager to teach them responsibility.

Plus, the decision to buy used vehicles will be one of the smartest financial decisions you’ll ever make, as dealerships have a great number of used cars offered at the best possible rates.

Finding the Perfect Used Car to Gift

When you’ve already decided to purchase a used car for your loved one, don’t walk in blind, always do your research first. If you’re not sure where to start, not to worry, we’ve got our tips for you below.

Go in with a set budget.

It’s easy to go overboard when shopping for gifts for a loved one, especially when you’re buying them a car. However, it’s crucial to stick with what you can afford—don’t get yourself into financial straits in the act of gift-giving. The huge range of prices and models means you don’t have to do anything of the sort! Get a number in your head based on what you know you can afford, and stay within your means so you and your loved one can both enjoy the act of receiving and giving the gift.

Know the person you’re buying for.

Naturally, you’re not out here giving someone an enormous gift if they’re not close to your heart. Because you’re giving a gift that entails a large purchase, you need to know the type of person you’re giving the gift to, and tailor your choice accordingly. Imagine buying a van for a single commuter; that wouldn’t really make much sense. So, think about their requirements, how long they drive for, and what they bring with them. Perhaps a compact city driver will be enough for them to get by, or maybe they prefer driving a manual. Get a few models in mind, and then head out to view them!

Add personal touches.

The best way to level up your gift is to add personal touches to the car. You can grab vehicle accessories that will be useful to the person you’re giving the gift to. Contrary to popular belief, car accessories are not limited to stereos—you can get creative with this one! For example, if your family or friend loves to get active, go outdoors, and go biking, you can easily find bike racks that the receiver will surely appreciate!

Motor Co has a comprehensive list of car accessories Auckland residents will surely enjoy. From kayak racks to roof racks, there’s a full range of vehicle accessories you get to choose from!

Go for an all-out surprise.

It’s not just the gift you should be thinking of, you should also plan your big reveal! It’s all about careful planning, so you can achieve great execution that makes for rewarding reactions! See if they can hold onto your purchase until you’re ready to give it come Christmas day, or store it with a friend until the time comes! The element of surprise is a welcome touch to your already fantastic gift, and gets you just that much closer to seeing the recipient giddy with excitement!

Be a Santa to your loved ones this year!

When it comes to buying used vehicles, be sure to work with trusted dealerships who can give you the right advice and the right vehicle for your special someone. Motor Co loves the holiday season, and any of our team can help you in your search for the best deals just in time for the holidays. Start by viewing our used cars for sale in Auckland, or enquire with our team today!