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Finding the perfect vehicle can be a real challenge, not only does it have to be suitable for your purposes it also has to be within your budget. If you’re finding it a challenge to find the money to buy your new vehicle in Auckland, give the Motorco. car finance team a call on 0800 863 462.

We love to get Kiwis (just like you) on the road as soon as possible, that’s why we offer a car finance service at extremely competitive rates in Auckland.

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What is Car Finance?

If you don’t quite have enough money available to purchase a car outright, a car finance arrangement is typically the cheapest way to borrow the money to buy the vehicle.

Depending on your situation you may choose to make your loan repayments weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.

Usually the minimum term duration (the least amount of time the loan will run for) will be a 1 year and can last for up to 5 years before full repayment is to be made.

Car finance and personal loans of any kind can have a big effect on your financial situation so it is important that you fully understand the payment terms. Car finance will always work out to cost slightly more than what you would’ve paid if you paid for the vehicle outright so it is important to shop around.

Looking for cheap car finance in Auckland? Give the friendly team at Motorco. in Auckland a call on 0800 863 462 today and discover our extremely competitive rates!

At Motorco. Auckland we offer car finance options that are tailored to you and your situation. We are dedicated to customer service and we want you to be totally comfortable with your car finance terms — transparency is key to our vehicle financing service.

Whether you are self-employed, working full-time, have a learners’ licence or even have bad credit — Motorco. car finance is designed to get you on the road quickly and easily.

What is Car Finance?

At Motorco. we offer quick, easy-to-understand, competitive car finance options to suit you and your financial situation.

We pride ourselves on being different to other Auckland car dealerships and our customer experience is at the heart of everything we do, that’s why we tailor each vehicle finance package to our customers.

Motorco. Auckland is committed to responsible lending and we are here to work with you and your current financial situation and provide you with all the information to make an informed decision.

We are a friendly bunch here at Motorco. and we never pressure our customers into making car finance decisions that they cannot afford.

“Great team of guys, no high-pressure selling and very professional people. We are very happy with the purchase of 2.5gt Nissan Skyline at a better buy than Napier where we live.”
— Alan Young

We can provide you with:

  • Car finance options if you don’t have a deposit or trade. We can evaluate your circumstances and see if there is a vehicle finance solution for you.
  • A range of interest rates and car finance terms that are designed to suit your budget.
  • Full disclosure around how repayments are calculated.
  • The ability to use your trade as your deposit.
  • All applications are quick and easy.

Want to apply for car finance at Motor Co. Auckland? Contact our friendly finance team today or try our easy finance calculator to get a quick estimate of the car finance available to you. Want to speak with someone over the phone? Call 0800 863 462 today!

Why Might Car Finance Be Right for You?

If you can afford to do so then it is always best to pay for your new car in full. However, vehicles are expensive and Motorco. understands that everyone’s financial situations are different.
If you don’t have enough cash to buy the car outright you should use the money that do have available to make the biggest deposit as possible so you can spend less on loan repayments.

You should consider car finance if the price of the vehicle you want is all of the money you have in your savings, this is because you should have money in your bank account to cover any unforeseen circumstances that may occur, and of course you should have enough money to be able to maintain your living costs.

At Motorco. we offer extremely competitive rates that are often more favourable than other car finance options out there in the Auckland market. We tailor our car finance packages to each customer and take the time to sit with them and discuss the terms for full clarity and transparency.

3 Things to Consider Before Opting for Car Finance

Choosing to take out a personal loan or opting for a car finance arrangement can be a very effective way of getting yourself on the road, but only if it is financially viable for you to do. Consider these things before entering into a car financing arrangement:

1. Understand the cost of borrowing.

You should fully understand the cost of borrowing money to purchase your new car. Consider your deposit amount and the cost of all charges over the term of the loan.

This will always work out to be more expensive than if you were to buy the car outright but you pay for the convenience of not having to spend a large sum of money (that may well be your entire savings) and have manageable payment terms.

Contact Motorco. today for quick, easy-to-understand and responsible car finance lending options by calling 0800 863 462

2. Can you afford the car’s running costs?

Before entering into a car finance arrangement you should ask yourself if you are able to afford the car’s running costs (such as fuel, WOF, maintenance, etc) on top of making your monthly (or weekly/fortnightly) repayments.

Try our car finance calculator for an estimate on how much your loan might cost. For more detail contact the friendly finance team at Motorco. by calling 0800 863 462.

3. Bigger deposit = less to borrow.

The larger your deposit the lower the interest rate will be due to the borrowed amount being reduced. However, you should have enough money in your bank account to be able to pay for any unforeseen circumstances and you should be able to maintain your living costs.

It is also highly recommended that you buy car insurance for your new vehicle. Motorco. offers a range of vehicle financing options including car insurance. Contact us to today on 0800 863 462 for more information.

Have You Spoken to the Friendly & Professional Team at Motor Co Auckland?

It is highly recommended that you shop around for the best car financing deals in Auckland, so ensure you contact the team at Motorco. in Penrose! We offer extremely competitive rates and pride ourselves on being responsible lenders.

We are also more than just a car finance service; we offer a range of services including quality used Japanese cars, car accessories, reliable WOFs and COFs, and so much more!

Looking for trustworthy car finance in Auckland? Contact the friendly car finance team at Motorco. or give us a call on 0800 863 462 today!

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