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When buying a used car, you want a brand you can trust. You want a car that will go the distance, capable of lasting hundreds of thousands of kilometres. Years from now, you will want to have had as little issues as possible and be happily driving down the road knowing you made the right choice.

You want a quality Japanese car that’s built to last.

With proper car care and maintenance, you know you can get the most value for your dollar. No one wants to go to one of those low quality Japanese car dealers and end up with a car that’s a headache.

We’ve all had friends and family who may have experienced this in the past. So, to avoid the same fate, you ask around and see what cars your neighbours and friends are driving that stand the test of time. Certain cars just have that kind of reputation, and none better than Japanese cars.

Come to MOTOR CO cheap Japanese car dealers for the largest selection of quality NZTA-approved Japanese cars in Auckland. 

If you’re looking for the largest selection of Japanese cars for sale, look no further than MOTOR CO.

We have over 500 cars in our inventory between our two locations in New Zealand with a range of options from which to choose. Pick from brands you trust like Honda, Nissan, Toyota and Lexus.

Or you can select one of our many Mazda, Subaru or Mitsubishi Japanese cars to fit your needs. We’ve got all the brands you want with a proven reputation that maintains their resale and trade-in values.

Unlike other cheap Japanese car dealers that sell a few cars in their backyard, we have hundreds of cars to choose from, so you’re not just stuck with the only car left.

Other cheaper Japanese car dealers in Auckland go in and out of business every day. Their fly by night operations rarely can offer you any kind of warranty, in-house financing or a vehicle service centre for maintenance and care.

Motor Co focuses on quality versus just cheap Japanese cars, and we service every car we sell with competitive pricing.

We Are Cheap Japanese Car Dealers Who Go the Extra Mile

Before and long after the sale is made, we will be here for the long life of your vehicle. You can obtain a pre-purchase inspection of all our vehicles, so you can know the Japanese car for sale you choose is safe and not in any need of major repairs before you buy.

We also offer onsite mechanics, paint protection and insurance to protect your investment.

You can shop with us and walk away worry-free knowing you’ve made the right choice in a Japanese car. Our range of available warranties can cover your Japanese car for years of use if you so choose.

Combine our vast selection, competitive prices, in-house financing, Japanese car brands’ reputations, our friendly service staff and it’s a winning team. We pride ourselves on being Japanese car dealers of integrity that you can trust.

Want to know more? Read our About Us page, or give us a call on 0800 818 800 to speak with one of our friendly Auckland team!

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