Cheap Japanese Cars For Sale Auckland

Who to Trust for Cheap Japanese Cars for Sale in Auckland?

So, you are in the market for a new car, and you are looking to go the Japanese import route with your purchase. You’ve done a bit of research on the makes and models available to you and like the look of some of the cars from the likes of Mazda, Nissan, Suzuki and Mitsubishi.

However, you are on something of a budget, which means that you are seeing what you can find in the way of cheap Japanese cars in Auckland. The question is, where should you start?

MOTOR CO: A Reputed Car Yard in Auckland

If you are on the hunt for Japanese cars for sale in Auckland, then you can’t go wrong by seeing what we have in stock at MOTOR CO. As a large and reputed car yard in the Auckland area, we are one of New Zealand’s biggest dealers for Japanese and European imports.

We have over 500 cars in stock, and many of them are available at affordable prices. MOTOR CO typically offers better prices and lower margins than you will find at most of the established car dealers in Auckland and throughout New Zealand.

We can also set up competitive financing packages for you, to help make your car purchase even more manageable. Our financing rates typically beat those offered by banks and other financial institutions. We will even set up various types of insurance for your car, to ensure that you have optimal protection after you make your purchase.

Shopping Back Yard Car Dealers for Cheap Japanese Cars For Sale in Auckland?

If you are looking for “cheap Japanese cars for sale in Auckland”, your search may lead you to establishments that are referred to in the industry as ‘backyard dealers.’

These small car dealers only import small quantities of vehicles and carry out business from small yards. Indeed, the proprietors of these businesses are often operating literally out of their back yards.

These backyard dealers are often appealing to buyers hunting for cheap Japanese cars for sale in Auckland. There are good reasons for this fact. Backyard dealers tend to focus on the budget side of the market, which means cheap, bargain prices that are tough to beat.

They also offer very low margins, which you might not necessarily find at more established dealers.

The problem with buying from a backyard dealer is that these establishments tend to come and go. A proprietor who is operating as a backyard dealer might do it for a few months to make some extra cash and then shut down.

As a result, it’s tough to buy from these backyard dealers with the same confidence that you would elsewhere. Is there any guarantee that this particular business is still going to be around in a few months if you run into a problem with your vehicle? There are no guarantees.

As a more well known, more reputed and longer lasting business, MOTOR CO can offer the peace of mind that backyard dealers can’t. Add our low margins, affordable prices, great financing rates and terrific post-purchase coverage and support and MOTOR CO is easily the best place to buy Japanese cars in Auckland if you don’t want to break the bank.

Are you interested in learning more? Browse our wide range of Japanese vehicles online.

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