Used Cars

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    Buying Vehicles from Out of Town: A Guide
    MotorCo differs from other Penrose car dealers because it offers a very unique option to people all over New Zealand: anyone outside of Auckland can purchase a car with us. But how does that work, and why choose to purchase from out-of-town? In this blog post, we’re going to look at the key points of […]
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    Three Tips for Maintaining a Used Car
    Visiting used car dealers in Auckland may seem like a gamble to many. However, that’s because a lot of Kiwis carry a misconception that used cars give up the ghost quickly. This is a costly myth, as most pre-loved vehicles will give you a lot of good years for a much lower price compared to […]
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    Buying a Second Hand Car? 5 Tips When Buying Used Cars Auckland
    If you’re searching for “tips when buying used cars Auckland” you’ve found the right article! When buying used cars there are many things to consider. For many people, private car dealers are the go-to for used cars Auckland. Unfortunately, due to the nature of private car sales, there can be cars for sale that you […]