• MotorCo During Red Traffic Light System
    The government has announced that Auckland is moving to the Red setting of the Traffic Light System as of 11:59PM on 2 December. All three of our physical car yards are physically open, and all usual business/services are available; e.g. viewing, test drives, vehicle registration, service, repairs, etc. When visiting us, we require that you […]
  • Couple purchasing a pre-loved vehicle
    What To Look For When Buying a Used Car
    Do you know what to look for when buying a used car? Doing your due diligence ahead of time will equip you with the tools and knowledge you need to buy a pre-loved vehicle that’s just right for your situation. Whether you’re in the market for top-quality Japanese used cars or a stylish European import, […]
  • White Toyota People Mover driving down street
    The Best People Movers in Our Range
    People movers are the perfect vehicle for anyone with a lot of folks to transport around. Whether that’s your family, your friends, or your employees, you want a vehicle that’s designed for a comfortable journey from A to B. At MotorCo, we offer some of the best people movers in Auckland, all quality tested and […]
  • Used cars parked in Auckland dealership
    Benefits of Buying a Used Car Through a Dealership vs Private Seller
    Buying a used car in Auckland can be an intimidating process. There are so many models available, and so much jargon thrown about that it can be easy to get overwhelmed. The first choice a potential buyer will have to make is whether to buy a car through a private sale or a dealership. Today […]
  • Close up of inspector examining vehicle engine under the hood
    What is the Compliance Process of Importing a Vehicle?
    New Zealand road regulations are known for being among the toughest in the world for vehicle safety, as the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) enforces strict standards of quality for what vehicles are considered roadworthy. All imported vehicles are required to undergo inspection and a compliance/registration process known as entry certification.  Road authorities in other […]
  • Mazda Car badge on steering wheel with dashboard in background
    Which Mazda Vehicle is Right for You?
    It’s hard to deny that Kiwis love their cars—New Zealand has the third highest motor vehicles per capita in the world, with 837 vehicles per 1000 people.  One of the most popular brands sold in New Zealand is Mazda. In 2018, the Japanese auto giant boasted global sales of over 1.6 million light vehicles, including […]
  • Engine Oil being poured into engine of car by mechanic
    The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Engine Oil Clean
    There are a variety of components in a vehicle that need to be checked on routinely to avoid sudden breakdowns, and from air filters to coolants, these elements generally ensure that engine oil does not solidify and overheat, potentially damaging the interior of your vehicle. In this blog post, we learn about the role of […]
  • MotorCo is Open in Level 3
    [Update 20 September] The government has announced that Auckland is moving to Level 3 as of 11:59PM on 21 September. All three of our physical car yards will be open for viewing and test drives. Vehicle registration is possible, as well as contactless delivery of vehicles. Please refer to the rest of this article for […]
  • Blue car on road in sunset
    Tips for Caring for a Used Hybrid at Home
    A common myth about hybrid cars is that they are more expensive to maintain and service than conventional cars due to the high-tech components used in hybrid cars, but in fact, their maintenance costs are not that much different. That said, some parts of hybrid used cars do need greater attention. Check out the tips […]
  • MotorCo is Operating During Level 4 Lockdown
    [Update 20 August] Currently our physical car yards are closed under Alert Level 4, but we are still in operation and our team is happy to help in any way we can (all our staff are working safely from home). If there is a car you are interested in, we can answer any questions over […]
  • Man with broken down car on side of road with blue sky in background
    Four Benefits of Mechanical Breakdown Insurance
    Looking to buy used cars in NZ? Make sure your car is covered with insurance that protects your vehicle against sudden or unforeseen problems. Remember, no matter how good your car is at the moment, there’s still a possibility that it will break down from time to time.  One of the most common and comprehensive policies […]
  • VW golf sitting on cobblestone driveway
    Which Volkswagen is Right for You?
    Known for performance, design, and quality, Volkswagen is a high-quality car brand that pays great attention to detail. Their range provides cutting-edge technology, ultimate comfort, a confident look, as well as powerful performance. Whether you’re planning to drive a midsize car or a sporty hatchback, Volkswagen is an excellent choice for drivers who are looking […]