• Fuel pump in blue car
    The Advantages of 95 and 98 Fuel
    Your vehicle is an investment that needs to be taken care of properly. Whether you own a brand-new or a used car, extensive care and regular maintenance are essential to keep your vehicle running smoothly, effectively, and safely. One of the best ways you can look after your car is by choosing to use premium […]
  • Blue mazda axela on beach facing the ocean sunset
    An Introduction to Our Hybrid & PHV Range
    Plug-in hybrid cars are the latest breakthrough technology in the automotive industry. Hybrids use two or more types of power—usually an internal combustion engine and an electric motor, the latter of which uses energy stored in batteries. Hybrid vehicles with rechargeable battery-powered engines offer several advantages, including quieter engines, less expensive maintenance, and most importantly, […]
  • Auckland driver holds car keys after buying mechanical breakdown insurance.
    Types of Car Insurance: Which Option is Right for You?
    Car insurance is a must-have form of protection for both you and your car. As a driver-trusted business, MotorCo isn’t just a used car trader; we’re also passionate about your driving safety. That’s why we’ve partnered with Provident Insurance to provide a suite of mechanical breakdown insurance options, as well as NZ Roadside Assistance. At […]
  • Mechanic working on a luxury BMW vehicle
    What Goes Into a European Car Service?
    It’s easy to see how one would fall in love with a European car. Their reputation precedes them in both performance and style, and they’ve fast become a signifier around the world for complete comfort and luxury. Their elegant design and outstanding engineering have made them a popular choice of vehicle for any Kiwi driver. […]
  • Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid presented at Sofia Motor Sho
    Rise of the Hybrid: The History of Hybrid Vehicles
    As Auckland car dealers in the automobile industry, we pay close attention to rises and falls in vehicle trends. However, you don’t need to be paying very close attention to have noticed the sharp spike in hybrid vehicle popularity. Hybrids—the mid-way point between gasoline and pure electric power—have found their place in the market, and […]
  • A screenshot of the MotorCo website homepage.
    Christmas and New Year Period. 
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Wishing you lots of fun and excitement, and a fantastic year to come!We will be closed the following 3 days during this holiday season.  Christmas Day 1st and 2nd of January. Opening hours Thursday  24th Dec 9am – 5pm Friday  25th Dec CLOSED Saturday 26th Dec BOXING DAY  – OPEN 10am – 5pm Sunday […]
  • Dark luxury car interior, Steering Wheel, Shift Lever and Dashboard.
    Top 3 Pre-Loved Luxury Vehicles
    At MotorCo, we make the process of buying a used car in New Zealand as easy as possible. We have a large selection of quality cars from all over Europe and Japan, and we strongly believe that a luxury car should not be reserved for the high-price range buyers. To open up the luxury car […]
  • An iPhone being held up with the calculator app open on the screen.
    How Our Car Finance is Calculated
    If you’ve been searching for a used car for sale in Auckland, you’ve probably also been thinking about how to finance your purchase. You may be getting estimated repayment amounts from various dealers or banks and wondering how on earth they came up with that figure! Well, we are here to break this down for […]
  • A red, old-fashioned car with the hood popped on the side of the road.
    Get Covered with MotorCo: 12-Months of AA Roadside Assistance
    As part of the AA Dealer Care program, both of MotorCo’s Auckland car dealers can offer new customers twelve months of AA Roadside Assistance when they drive off in their new vehicle. This covers you for many potential issues, helping you get out of a tough spot if you run out of gas or your […]
  • A red plastic pickup truck with a fake Christmas tree in the back.
    Season’s Savings: Three-Month Deferred Payments
    Car dealers in Auckland – us included – are gearing up for the holiday season, the time of gift giving! Whether you’re looking to buy a car for yourself with your hard-earned salary, or you’re buying a car as a present for someone else, we know this time of year can present a financial crunch […]
  • Line-up of Nissan used cars at a used car lot
    A Closer Look at the Four Key Japanese Car Brands
    Japan is home to some of the leading automotive manufacturers around the world, and rightfully so! Vehicles imported from Japan have become household names for many reasons: durability, performance, reliability, and affordability, among others. This is why the pre-loved vehicle market gravitates towards Japanese used cars. Apart from their brand popularity, these cars truly stand […]
  • A young couple applying for pre-approved car finance on their phones.
    How to Apply for Car Finance from Start to Finish
    Thanks to pre-approved car finance, you don’t need to buy a car with cash up front, and you don’t need to cover the full cost before signing on the dotted line! This opens the door for many people to pick up the perfect car for their lifestyle and pay it off as they drive. However, […]