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Our Guide to Buying Japanese Used Cars

Are you considering investing in a Japanese used car? Great choice! These beauties are the gems of the pre-loved vehicle market, offering reliable performance and a wide range of affordable…

Two Japanese import cars parked in a parking lot.

Your Guide to the Japanese Auction Sheet

Topping the list of tips for buying a used car is to know what you’re getting into. No matter how much you’re spending, you want to know the true value…

Five gold toy cars stacked atop ascending piles of gold coins.

Pre-Approved Car Loans: Negotiate with Cash in Hand

For many people these days, a car is a necessity, but their budget might not stretch far enough to buy a used car in New Zealand. That’s where a car…

A Nissan Fairlady driving along the streets of Rotterdam.

Why Japanese Vehicles Make Amazing Second-hand Cars

Mazda, Toyota, Suzuki, Nissan—used cars from Japan are some of the most common models you’ll see on the road in New Zealand today, and there’s a reason for that! Most…

Close up of a teenager wearing glasses showing the thumb up hand gesture and happy through car window, after buying used car

The 5 Best Used Cars for Your Teenager

As parents, it goes without saying that you want to get the best car for your teen. However, choosing the right one becomes a difficult decision when you don’t want…

Smiling New Zealand family with two kids sitting in Japanese used car trunk and looking at camera

The Best Japanese Model Cars for Families

Japanese used cars are among the top choices for car buyers who are on a budget. So, it’s no surprise that starting families looking for affordable options tend to lean…

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The 5 Best Used Cars for Living in Auckland

The huge variety of used car dealers in Auckland has created a market of hundreds of cars to choose from, each with their own benefits and each perfect for one…