Of all the thousands of used cars for sale in Auckland, there can be a few duds here and there. But when you go to a trusted, customer-oriented dealership, you can easily pick up a quality vehicle for an extremely affordable price. The high rate of automotive turnover in New Zealand means that there are hundreds of models in great condition for you to choose from, but many people can only picture a beaten-up car on its last legs when asked what they think about used car purchases.

In light of that, we’re going to debunk the prevailing myth that used cars can’t measure up to new ones. So, strap in and let’s get going!

Used vs New Cars: Pricing

First of all, let’s address one of the biggest things on a car buyer’s mind: the price of your purchase. Pre-loved cars obviously come cheaper as an initial cost than newer cars, however there is a strong misconception that a used car will cost you more in the long run due to repairs and mechanical breakdown.
Here’s the thing, this is not an assumption that can be made across the board. One of the most important tips for buying a used car is to go into the process with a good head on your shoulders, as making the right choice will indeed spell the difference between financial disaster and a perfect purchase. Most used cars, when presented by a reputable dealership, have been vetted for their quality and function by certified mechanics. They are not any more likely to encounter a problem on the road, so you save money on the initial purchase while protecting your wallet in the long run.

Used vs New Cars: Choice

Next up, we have the very common myth that all of the used cars available in New Zealand are the same make and model, offering you very little choice. Before stepping onto a lot, many people think this! But the truth is, because of the large number of people buying and selling their cars in New Zealand, there is a massive variety of vehicles for a prospective buyer to cast their eyes over.
In addition to this, a car you may have wanted when it first hit the roads will be a much cheaper purchased from a used car dealership, and therefore completely attainable! Present yourself with the full range of choice and shop pre-loved, you’ll be surprised at what you see.

Used vs New Cars: Depreciation

This is what we might call the automotive industry’s dirty little secret: the rate of depreciation. This is the rate that your car’s value declines, changing the amount of money you will get once you re-sell it in the future. Planning ahead is a smart financial choice, especially if you’re making a larger investment such as a vehicle. This is why prospective home-buyers engage real estate agents who monitor the market for the best time to buy and sell, in order to garner as much money as possible for the property buyers. A similar principle applies to car depreciation.
Consider this: if you purchase a brand-new car and re-sell it about three years later, the value of that car would have dipped by about 60%. This varies from car to car and brand to brand, but that is a lot of money to lose on a purchase. For example, a brand-new Mazda CX-3 will cost you around $31,000. Three years later, you would most likely fetch around $11,000 on a re-sale. That’s a very fast rate of depreciation.

With used cars, the depreciation isn’t nearly as fast, so if you try to re-sell it in the same amount of time, you’ll get a large chunk of the money you spent back. Doing some research will help you to determine the ideal model for you, both now and in the future, and we’re happy to help you with your selection!

There you have it, three of the top reasons why buying a used car is a fantastic choice. So, when you’re ready, come and visit us on the lot – our friendly team will help you out as best we can.

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