The huge group of people who buy used cars around New Zealand have well and truly got their heads on straight – buying a used car is the best way to upgrade your road experience without simultaneously upgrading your debt. You may find yourself feeling sceptical about that statement, but the truth is, most wallets don’t have the heft it requires to buy the ideal car brand new.

Read on to learn about how buying second-hand will save you money in the long run without skimping on the quality of your dream car.

Used cars are cost-effective

Let’s begin with the most obvious reason to buy second-hand: these cars are incredibly cost-effective. It’s much more likely that you will be able to buy a pre-loved model upfront than a car fresh out of the factory.

However, owning a car is not just about being able to buy it – cars require ongoing love, maintenance, and TLC if you want them to run for a long time. And, luckily enough, one of the best things about buying a used vehicle is that the parts are most likely easily accessible, and mechanics will already have the knowledge and experience to fix whatever’s going on under the hood. This is especially true for Japanese used cars, as the parts and machinery are easily accessible, and therefore cheaper, in faraway Aotearoa.

Used cars have a variety of choice

If you think about the number of people who own cars in New Zealand, it only makes sense that used car dealerships around the country are populated with a high number of good-quality, recent models. In fact, according to Statistics New Zealand there were 161,519 new vehicles registered in 2018 – a record number for Kiwis! Not only that, the turnover for cars in New Zealand is high enough to facilitate a high number of good quality car models in used car dealerships.

However, if you’re picturing dealership after dealership filled with the same four models, you’re going to get a very pleasant surprise walking into MotorCo (and many other dealerships besides). You can find a whole variety of different used cars available, all at different price points, so that you can make the choice that is best suited to you and your budget. Let’s say that you would like to purchase an Audi hatchback. You can find A2 models all the way up to the more advanced, slightly more expensive A5 models all across New Zealand car lots.

Used cars are reliable

For many people, the image that comes to mind when they think “used car” is a clunky, beat-up old Corolla with about ten kilometres of life left, but that’s not the reality in the industry. When you turn up to a reputable used car dealership, you can anticipate that all of the cars on display have been vetted for quality and reliability, and that they will last you for a long time to come.
Here at MotorCo we also go the extra mile and provide easy access to insurance policies for mechanical breakdowns, so if your car does encounter any unforeseen issues, you’re covered on the road.

Upgrade your car for a fraction of the cost.

We’re one of New Zealand’s most reliable purveyors of used cars, and you can come and see us from Auckland-wide. Walk into our East Tamaki or Penrose car dealers today and drive away happy!