Many business owners buy used cars in New Zealand, simply because it makes company vehicles a much more manageable cost. Being a business owner means making a lot of high-stakes financial decisions – ones that will have a major impact on the success of your venture moving forward. Take a moment to read about the benefits of buying second-hand vehicles for your fleet.

The Initial Buy

First and foremost, second-hand cars are a lot cheaper to buy out of pocket than brand new ones. When you take into account the costs for things like a vinyl overlay – should you wish to brand your cars – buying cheaper is a fantastic option. It also means that you can increase the number of vehicles in your fleet. If you have a set budget in mind, more used cars will fit into that budget when compared to the new ones.


Now, when most people think “cheap”, they tend to think “unreliable” in the same sentence, but that simply isn’t the case. If you choose the right dealer, with the right prerequisites, then you’ll be guaranteed to drive away with a collection of quality cars that will last you for miles.

For example, we here at MotorCo. vet all of our cars for safety, performance issues, and previous ownership before we put them on the lot. Each and every single one comes with a VTNZ pre-purchase appraisal for your peace of mind, an odometer certification, and a compliance and safety check from VTNZ. We also ensure they are all professionally serviced and meticulously groomed for cleanliness.

These cars will get you and your employees through the work day in comfort for years and years to come, which is exactly what you want from an investment like this.

Maintenance Costs

Speaking of reliability, the ongoing costs of second-hand cars – especially Japanese used cars are extremely manageable. If you have to take into account the maintenance of more than just your own vehicle, we fully understand that it will be a major consideration.

Japanese parts can be sourced incredibly easily from almost any New Zealand auto shop, and they are known for their sturdiness. Take, for example, a Honda – incredibly reliable engine that has a good amount of go, and easily sourced parts should replacements be needed.

Dealer Warranty

Finally, one of the best benefits of buying second-hand is the dealership warranty. Not all dealers offer this benefit, but we believe in the vehicles we put on our lot, so we offer a backup for our customers in the event of a breakdown.

Dealer warranties vary according to the organisation – ours comes coupled with NZ Roadside Assistance and a network of qualified repairers for your vehicles. If something goes wrong with one of your number, it will always be easier to leave it in the hands of an expert that is already covered. These warranties save you time, money, and a whole lot of stress.

Get your fleet right

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