Among all tips for buying a used car, one of the most important has to be the purchase of a used car warranty. It’s the perfect backup plan for unexpected breakdowns – which can sneak up on us all – and they account for a massive potential cost that you will be saved from.

Keyword is “Unexpected”

If you have ever been driving along the motorway, and then felt the clunky, hissing wheeze of your car giving up on you, then you know the level of panic that can set in. It’s an unpleasant experience, to say the least, and is made even more unpleasant by the knowledge that you somehow have to get yourself off of that motorway, and pay for the subsequent repairs.

But, if you have breakdown insurance, that’s not a problem.

The policy covers you in the event of an unexpected mechanical failure, which is, by its very nature, something that one cannot anticipate. That’s why it’s better to have that safety net in place. If you do end up with a failed part, it’s covered as part of your warranty, and the cost becomes significantly reduced.

Roadside Assistance

24/7 roadside assistance can be used for empty batteries, flat tyres, lost keys and even travel directions. It’s always nice to know that someone has your back, and with a warranty like ours, you’re sure that for every minute on the road, that you’re in great hands.

Beyond that, roadside assistance will help you to find dealerships, auto-shops and service stations which cater to your specific kind of vehicle. Your time is valuable, and there is absolutely no point wasting it on trying to find a good-quality servicer.

Safety and Cost

A major concern for many people coming in to buy used cars in New Zealand is their safety in a pre-owned vehicle, as well as the potential repair costs that could be hiding under the bonnet. We vet all of our vehicles before placing them on the lot, but we understand that for many customers having that assurance is not quite enough. Anything that we can do as a dealership to make our clients feel more comfortable in their purchases is well worth it, which is why we collaborated with Provident Insurance to provide a comprehensive series of policies.

You won’t be stranded on the roadside, you’ll fully understand which costs are coverable under your chosen policy, and you can get behind the wheel feeling happy about your new car, not worried about potential mechanical failures.

At the end of the day, whether or not you provide that safety net for yourself is entirely your choice, but it’s definitely something we recommend to our customers. Take the time to research your policy, ask us any questions you may have, and drive off the lot with a smile on your face!

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