There are a variety of components in a vehicle that need to be checked on routinely to avoid sudden breakdowns, and from air filters to coolants, these elements generally ensure that engine oil does not solidify and overheat, potentially damaging the interior of your vehicle. In this blog post, we learn about the role of engine oil in your car, and what you can do to keep it running clean. For anyone looking to buy used cars in New Zealand, it’s important to practice these basic maintenance routines as all cars (used or not) require maintenance and upkeep. 

Why is Clean Oil Important?

The function of oil is to lubricate moving engine parts so that they do not overheat when they rub together. Failing to regularly change your oil not only damages the internal combustion engine but other components as well, and if oil is not changed frequently, it will eventually solidify and turn into sludge, resulting in oil not covering the engine and its various components.

Change Your Oil Regularly

Routinely changing engine oil is a standard practice that is vital for the maintenance of a vehicle. The general rule of the thumb is to change your vehicle’s engine oil at least once every 5,000 miles, or once every 3 – 6 months. It’s also important to remember to replace the oil filter with a new one every time you change oil, as the filter experiences a slow build-up of sediments. Not replacing your filter will eventually result in it becoming clogged, slowing down, or halting the movement of oil into the engine of your car.

Maintaining the Cooling System

A vehicle avoids overheating with the use of a cooling system consisting of a radiator, radiator fluid thermostat, and water pump. Coolant liquid is released and circulated through the engine by the water pump when the engine overheats, as determined by the thermostat. Antifreeze liquid can also heat up the vehicle when it is getting too cold. A coolant container has maximum and minimum guide marks which indicate when it should be topped up and inspecting coolant levels at least twice a year is the general rule of the thumb. If the engine is running too hot or too cold, the oil can also be affected.

Get Your Engine Checked

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