As a used car dealer in Auckland, we see many different cars passing through our lots, each with their own unique benefits. We love to match our customers with a car that’s perfect for them, and we understand that no single vehicle is the perfect match for everyone.

That said, some brands make better second-hand cars than others. Whether because they’re easier to maintain, longer-lasting, or more reliable to drive, some brands come out on top more frequently in the second-hand market! If you’re unsure where to start on your car buying journey, read this blog to find out which brand of car you should begin your search with.

Toyota: Balancing Reliability and Price

If you search the term “reliable car” in Google, one of the top results will most definitely be “Toyota”. The Toyota brand is widely known for its high odometer readings! As the founder of the lean manufacturing process adopted by most Japanese automakers, this brand practically wrote the book on creating reliable, sturdy cars that will go the distance. In fact, the UK Reliability Index rates the Toyota brand as fourth in the world in terms of reliability. That’s nothing to sneeze at!

Now, let’s talk about maintenance costs. Buying a Toyota is already cheaper than many other vehicle brands, and the maintenance costs of the typical Toyota vehicle are typically low, as indicated by the brand’s receipt of the J.D. Power Dependability Award in 2019. In addition, Toyota is a Japanese car brand, so parts are accessible (as well as cost-efficient) if any repairs need to be conducted.

In summary, we love this brand because it is reliable, cost-efficient, and plentiful in the second-hand car market. You won’t have trouble finding a high-quality Toyota used car, no matter which of our lots you step onto.

Lexus: Best in the European Class

Japanese branded cars have a reputation as the best to buy second-hand, but there are some European brands that edge their way into these lists as well. Of these, the best (in our opinion) is the ultimate all-rounder brand: Lexus.

A Lexus is an investment you’ll love for life. These cars are stylish to look at, smooth to drive, and boast a reliability rating that rival brands like Honda and Toyota without batting an eye. Ranked sixth in the world on the UK Reliability index, a Lexus will have no problem traversing the kilometres with you for a long time.

One thing to note is that the Lexus is a luxury brand, so the initial buying price is a bit heftier than the other brands on the list. However, buying a Lexus as a second-hand vehicle makes a lot of sense precisely for this reason! The price point is far more attainable than buying new, and you can enjoy all the benefits of a luxury car without the corresponding dent in your wallet.

Honda: Versatile and Long-Lasting

Finally, we have Honda. Honda used cars are known for their reliability and affordable price point, making them a great financial investment. Driving away with a used Honda won’t put you in a financial hole, but you’ll get all the benefits of driving a fantastic car. In addition, these vehicles share the lean manufacturing process coined by Toyota, so their parts are reliable and easy to come by (making maintenance a breeze). Whether it’s your very first car or your last, once you drive it off the lot, it won’t give up on you until you give up on it.

Something else we love about the Honda brand is, unfortunately, commonly overlooked by many potential car buyers: their versatility. From full-power SUVs and sporty sedans to hatchbacks and hybrids, Honda has its finger in every pie. Furthermore, the cars they produce in each area triumph in their respective fields. In 2019, Honda was awarded Best Utility Vehicle, Best Compact SUV, and Best Hatchback (alongside myriad other awards). No matter which body they produce, they always get it right.

Despite the excellence of these three brands, the other automakers we carry on the MotorCo lots are certainly nothing to sneeze at. Outside of these three great vehicle brands, we have a range of second-hand cars that have been carefully curated for their quality. From Audis to Volkswagens, you can find anything on the MotorCo lot, and we’ll happily help to match you with the ideal vehicle for your lifestyle.

Whether it’s one of these brands or something else, we’ve got the car for you.

Each person’s needs are different, and at MotorCo we don’t take a cookie-cutter approach. Our priority is to find the ideal car for your needs, so when you’re ready to start your car buying journey, head down to our East Tamaki or Penrose dealership! Reach out to MotorCo today.