MOTOR CO: The Easiest Way to Find Used Japanese Vehicles for Sale in Auckland

Shopping for used cars can be a pain. First, you have to start by browsing different makes and models and deciding what type of car you actually want. This step can involve dozens of steps in and of itself, from reading reviews to thinking about the needs of your family, all the way to considering the differences between model years. Once you have a make, model and year in mind, though, you still have to find a dealer near you that has the car, set up a test drive, check the price of the vehicle, consider financing options and decide whether or not buying the car is a good investment for you.

At MOTOR CO, we want to make shopping for used vehicles—specifically, used Japanese vehicles—easier for drivers in and around Auckland. We are one of the biggest car yards and importers in Auckland, routinely stocking over 500 cards at once. We provide high quality vehicles at competitive prices—two factors that also make us one of the most popular auto yards in Auckland

Browsing Our Cars: As Easy as a Few Clicks

With MOTOR CO, you can also quickly browse our entire selection of automobiles online. If you are looking for Japanese used vehicles for sale in Auckland, don’t waste your time driving around to different dealers and yards, trying to find the car you want. Instead, just hop online and visit the MOTOR CO website.

When you get to our ‘Vehicles’ page (linked here), you will see a ‘Find a Vehicle’ function featured prominently near the top of the page. Here, you can input several criteria about the car you are shopping for, including:

  • Make: Here, input the car brand that you want. At MOTOR CO, we are known for stocking Japanese used vehicles in Auckland. However, we also import a range of European brands. As a result, the ‘Make’ section of the ‘Find Your Vehicle’ search allows you to select anything from Mazda and Honda to Mercedes and BMW.
  • Model: Once you select your make, this section will include a list of the available models that we have in stock from the specified automotive brand. For instance, if you selected Suzuki as your make, you can choose the Swift as your ideal model and view all the Swifts that we currently have in the yard. Alternatively, you can search all the cars we have from a particular make.
  • Body Type: This section is helpful if you aren’t sure about make and model, but know you want an SUV, sedan, hatchback or some other vehicular body type.
  • Minimum/Maximum Settings: If you have a specific price range, model year range, or kilometre range in mind, you can use the ‘Find Your Vehicle’ search to set those parameters as well.

Learn More about Our Used Japanese Vehicles for Sale in Auckland

As you will see from MOTOR CO’s intuitive online search option, we have a huge selection of Japanese used vehicles for sale from our Auckland yard. If one of the cars you see online happens to catch your eye, we are happy to book a test drive for you in person. Give us a call on 0800 818 800 to learn more about next steps.