MOTOR CO Has the Largest Selection of Japanese Car Imports in Auckland

The influx of Japanese car imports into Auckland began in the mid-nineties. Originally, there was some controversy as to whether these imports would include many lemons or whether some of these cars might be damaged or even radioactive. Those rumours were the result of marketing efforts by new car importers in Australia that did not want competition from used car importers.

Inspection of Japanese Car Imports to Auckland

New Zealand addressed those concerns by inspecting all used Japanese import cars coming into New Zealand. Any cars that needed repairs were documented and the repairs were required for the cars to be sold. The New Zealand authorities did not find any significant issues with the concept of Japanese imports in Auckland.

In Australia, you still cannot import used Japanese import cars. That policy has led to Australians paying far higher prices for Japanese imports than Kiwis. At MOTOR CO, you can take advantage of this opportunity and purchase great Japanese import cars in Auckland at significant savings.

MOTOR CO: The Best Selection of Japanese Imports in Auckland

We have over five hundred cars in stock. We have plenty of Japanese imports in Auckland as well as the finest European brands. We are not one of those “yard lots” that just offer a few cars. We are a full-service dealer that provides a professional service centre and very favourable financing plans. We understand that what draws our customers to MOTOR CO is our diverse selection of beautiful Japanese imports in Auckland.

No matter what type of Japanese import cars you are looking for, we have just the right car for you. You may be looking for a low mileage Honda such as the economical Fit or a larger Crossroad. If you are looking for more luxury in Japanese car imports in Auckland, maybe a low mileage used Lexus will fit the bill.

You may decide that the sporty style of a used Mitsubishi or Mazda is the right fit for you. We always stock various models of the popular Nissan automobiles in crossovers such as the Murano and all the popular sedans and coupes. Many of our customers are impressed by the features and quality of our used Toyota cars, which are known for their reliability and high quality workmanship. Interested in a fun little Subaru or Suzuki, we have the car that will make you smile.

We take trade-ins, and our friendly knowledgeable sales staff will help you choose just the right car. Our Japanese import cars in Auckland cover the entire spectrum of pricing and options. Between our great selection and our very flexible finance options, we can surely put you in a car that will fit comfortably into your budget and your lifestyle. We pride ourselves on taking the hassle out of buying quality Japanese imports in Auckland. See how easy and painless owning a great Japanese import can be. Visit MOTOR CO today.