We have been blessed with electric and hybrid used cars because automakers around the world are constantly striving for the next big thing in vehicle technology. Their most recent innovations are introduced to the market, purchased, and, in a matter of years, traded off by their owners for a newer model, creating a trickle-down of quality used EVs into the second-hand car market.

We’ve touched on why used hybrids are a great purchase, so now we’re going to look at the specifics of some of the most common hybrid and electric models we see on our lots. Learn more about their performance, their benefits, and their maintenance for a sneak peek at your future with a hybrid.

Toyota Prius Alpha 

Beginning with a familiar name in the field of hybrid vehicles, the Toyota Prius Alpha—also called the Prius V—is one we often see on our lots. Toyota took everything good about the 2010 Prius and fed it into this model (manufactured from 2012–2017), creating a more comfortable ride with better fuel efficiency.

The Alpha combines a 1.8-litre gasoline engine with a 60kW electric motor and a battery pack, all working together seamlessly via the automaker’s signature Hybrid Synergy Drive system. To create the best possible driving experience, Toyota included four driving modes in the Prius Alpha’s design: Normal, Power, Eco, and EV. The last propels the car purely on electric power, while the others utilise the gas and electric components in tandem.

We love the Alpha as a used vehicle because it has parts that are easy to access for repairs, the signature durability of a Toyota-manufactured car, and an easy maintenance schedule. The Prius Alpha is a great car for anyone looking to reduce their emissions in the long term.

Toyota Aqua 

The Aqua is also part of Toyota’s iconic Prius range and is sometimes called the “Prius c”, though it’s known primarily as the Aqua in Japan. The “c” in its name stands for “city”, which is undoubtedly this little car’s playground! The full hybrid supermini hatchback takes a compact vehicle and crams in a hybrid powertrain, making it ideal for weaving through urban streets.

The Aqua’s drivetrain is inspired by the Yaris, but with a twist. It features the Gen 3 Hybrid Synergy Drive mirrored in the Prius Alpha, but with a 1.5 litre engine, a beltless design, and a traction battery hiding under the front seat. This car is smaller and lighter than other Priuses but still boasts a solid centre of gravity, making it a safe little hybrid that won’t drain your wallet with its gas requirements. We love it for its efficiency, its price, and its suitability as a first vehicle (your teenager would love it).

Honda Fit Hybrid

Released in Japan in 2011, the Honda Fit Hybrid is another common name in the world of pre-loved hybrid vehicles. A 1.3-litre engine and an electric motor are nestled beneath the Fit’s hood, using a parallel hybrid system that significantly reduces the vehicle’s emissions. With gas mileage of 3.3L to every 100 kilometres, this is one of the most efficient hybrid used cars in Auckland.

However, this car is much more than just an efficient choice! This five-door hatchback is pleasing to the eye, featuring sweeping curves and design efficiency that provides a lot of hidden storage. With a five-star ANCAP safety rating, this lovely vehicle is undeniably perfect for Kiwi families.

Mazda Axela

Finally, one of the most common hybrid models we see on our lots is the Mazda Axela, produced in collaboration with Toyota. The two automakers got together to produce a stylish Mazda with excellent fuel-efficiency, marrying Mazda’s 2-litre Skyactiv engine with some of Toyota’s hybrid-drive technology. The result? A car that values performance and efficiency at the same level.

The Axela is notoriously fun to drive. It corners well and accelerates beautifully, making it the ideal vehicle for anyone feeling sceptical about driving electric. A top speed of 180km/h makes this a wonderfully zippy car, but it can transition well to a family vehicle due to its 312 litres of storage space. We love this car for its versatility and style, and we think you will too.

Discover everything a pre-loved hybrid car has to offer.

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