A common myth about hybrid cars is that they are more expensive to maintain and service than conventional cars due to the high-tech components used in hybrid cars, but in fact, their maintenance costs are not that much different. That said, some parts of hybrid used cars do need greater attention. Check out the tips below, to learn more about what you need to pay attention to when caring for a hybrid at home.

1. Inspect the Battery

The key component and x-factor that gives a hybrid vehicle its fuel efficiency is its High Voltage Hybrid System Battery. Hybrids rely on electricity generated by this battery to give it its fuel efficiency. Frosty weather can affect the battery charge, so it’s best to get it warmed up first before driving off on a winter’s day. On the other hand, the capacity and life span of a hybrid battery can be severely reduced if the vehicle is left parked in extremely hot conditions for weeks at a time. If you’re planning to travel overseas for a while, make sure you park your hybrid in a garage or another shady area to avoid the hot sun.

2. Routine Engine Checks

Thanks to their battery power, hybrid engines have slower wear and tear, requiring less maintenance than standard conventional petrol vehicles. However, this doesn’t make them totally immune from deterioration, so they should still be routinely serviced just like any other vehicle.

3. Regularly Check the Oil

Hybrid cars have longer oil change intervals because they use the engine far less than non-hybrid cars. This of course means less work, but it does also make it easier to forget about oil changes altogether. An engine with overused oil could potentially damage the battery, due to lack of lubrication in the various parts of the vehicle.

4.  Keep an Eye on the Cooling System

Hybrids can be vulnerable to overheating because they use a regenerative braking system which generates a lot of heat, so it’s important to make sure that a hybrid’s cooling system is in top condition. 

The cooling system consists of coolant; a liquid mixture which cools down the radiator and engine. It’s important to ensure that the coolant reservoir tank is constantly filled above its minimum level mark, otherwise there will not be enough coolant to prevent the engine and radiator from overheating, causing major damage.

5. Don’t Forget the Tyres

The renowned fuel efficiency of a hybrid wouldn’t exist without good tyres. Having the right tyres with the proper pressure will ensure that your hybrid lives up to its reputation. Hybrids have lower rolling resistance compared to other cars, so it’s essential to ensure that you get good tyres with balanced pressure.

6. Routine Maintenance

Like any car, a routine maintenance schedule will prolong the life span of a hybrid vehicle and sustain its performance, delivering a smooth, clean driving experience.

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