There are many available tips for buying a used car. As a prospective buyer, you will want to look into your options extensively, compare different vehicle prices, dig dip into the car’s history, and more, but what most potential buyers don’t know is that there’s more to knowing the basics!

As a car shopper, it’s also useful to know some unfavourable tactics that dealerships employ to get you into buying a used car that may be out of budget and is not exactly the best choice for your specific situation. Here are some things dealerships don’t want you to know that you probably should!

The Hard Sell

As a buyer, going over your options extensively to get the best deal is a smart approach. And as a customer, the process of car selection should be as stress-free as possible, giving you ample time to think about such a big purchase. As such, you should be wary of salespersons that automatically go into hard-sell mode the moment you walk into a dealership.

More often than not, a hard sell will put you into a vulnerable position and make you take a seemingly good deal without careful thought and consideration. The problem with this is you may get yourself into a thoughtless purchase because you felt pressured to do so.

A way to combat this is to find a dealership with upfront pricing. Upfront pricing allows you to do what you came to do in a dealership—know the price and buy the car, or simply walk away.

Hidden Fees

As the name suggests, some dealerships won’t publicise the hidden extra costs that come with buying a used car. When you agree to a price and are ready to complete the purchase, you might be surprised that there are additional processing fees and other registration fees that you have to pay on top of the purchase price.

Necessary fees are not a problem, as every service has a price tag that comes with it, but it’s definitely not okay to try to keep these fees under wraps until the very end. It’s important to work with a dealer who is upfront with their pricing and always informs you about the additional fees that you have to make at the very beginning. It’s also helpful to ask about the fees early on so you don’t get blindsided throughout the buying process.

Trade-in Work Arounds

Trade-ins always look like a great deal. Many used car dealers Auckland wide offer trade-ins, but some dealers may conceal a caveat. Salespeople in some dealerships will give you what appears to be a good price on the trade-in, only to up the price on the new car to cut the difference. For example, you know that the value of your trade-in is around $7,000 and you want to buy a car priced at $25,000.

Some dealers will offer you an irresistible trade-in of $10,000, only to trick you as the car you’re buying is, in reality, only worth $20,000. In a way, they’ll still profit out of you on what you thought was a smart purchase.

Instead of focusing on what you can get in for your trade; think about what car you can get for its true worth. MotorCo offers trade-ins with upfront, straight-up prices and a reasonable breakdown of the reasoning. We don’t shift the prices of the cars on our lot, and we help you to find the best possible deal for your circumstances.

Stretching Payment Plans

Instead of asking you questions regarding your situation, financial preferences, and future budgeting to understand you as a customer, a salesperson may ask about the kind of payment plan you’re looking for even before talking about the price of the car. This is a red flag, as some salespeople will frame the situation in a way that will tempt you to go for a less-than-ideal option so that they can reap a better profit.

An example would be stretching payment terms to get you low monthly payments. Little do you know; you’re overpaying for your car in the long run. It’s better to focus on finding a dealership that will work with you to tailor your ideal payment plan, or even work with you to help you buy the car outright. At the end of the day, your car finance plan should always have clear conditions, and should always be in your best interest.

Work with a dealer you can trust.

Whether you’re buying now, or just looking for some advice on your next car, here at MotorCo we pride ourselves with offering you a better all-round experience. Our goal is to get you the car you need and get you the best and most competitive car loans and vehicle financing. We offer pre-approved car finance with upfront conditions, and we can tailor a finance package suitable for your needs. Visit one of our dealerships near you or contact us today!