The huge variety of used car dealers in Auckland has created a market of hundreds of cars to choose from, each with their own benefits and each perfect for one person in particular. However, here at MotorCo. we recognise that Auckland is an urban environment (even if it is comparatively smaller than many other cityscapes), and with that environment comes a certain set of criteria for the perfect car.

Every person in Auckland leads their own unique life, but they all still need to get around. In the interest of helping out, we’ve decided to go through our top 5 picks for urban driving. These are all models that you will find in many showrooms selling previously-loved cars across the city (including ours), so don’t be too concerned about what the price may look like. If something catches your eye, hunt through our stock and see what we can do for you.

That being said, let’s get into our favourite urban selections, in no particular order!

Suzuki Swift Sport

suzuki swift

Let’s start off with a classic. If you’ve been paying attention, then you would have noticed a rise in these cars over the past decade on the city streets – and for good reason.

The Suzuki Swift Sport may look unassuming, but that’s precisely one of the reasons we love it. This 5-seater hatchback is hiding a 1.6 litre VVT engine that boosts performance above the regular model (which, in and of itself, is not too shabby either). With 160Nm of torque and not a lot of weight, this beauty can go from stock still to 100km/h in just under nine seconds, putting some major zip on your regular commute.

Not only that – the Swift Sport has a 5.2m turning radius for those tricky U-turns, and when combined with its small frame this car is undeniably an excellent choice for urban drivers.

Volkswagen Golf GTI

volkswagen golf

Next, we have Volkswagen. Known for their excellent safety ratings across models, this company has forged an absolutely beautiful car in the GTI, and it doesn’t seem like they’re stopping anytime soon. You might assume that a company known for crafting people-movers and ultra-safe models can’t produce a high-performance car, but you’d be wrong!

The GTI has a 2 litre, turbo-charged and turbo-aspirated engine capable of exerting 280Nm of torque. 207 horses haul this car from a standstill to 100km/h in under seven seconds, and the maximum speed of 2’;;40km/h is certainly nothing to sniff at.

We recommend this car to anyone who loves the experience of driving; storming the on-ramp in seven seconds or less makes that morning coffee obsolete in our opinion. Keep in mind that this is also ideal as a second family car, as it can easily move five people.

Mazda CX-5 Diesel

maxda cx5

From hatchbacks to compact SUVs, the trends in the driving world are forever changing, and Mazda is keeping up handily. The CX-5 Diesel is a compact SUV that easily seats five with storage room to spare, making it ideal for the family driver. Aside from that, front-wheel drive and power-assisted steering make it a smooth, safe ride, and your wallet certainly won’t be angry at the fuel efficiency (5.4l/100km on urban terrain).

What we really love about this car is the unexpected grunt it’s got hiding under the bonnet. This 2.2 litre engine doesn’t guzzle a lot of gas, but it can certainly put the pedal to the metal with a maximum speed of 200km/h. In addition, the heaping torque this car puts out is more than enough to satisfy the weight it pulls, fully-loaded or not.

If you’re a family person or a road-tripper, and you want a car that transitions easily from the city to the open road, then this one is for you.

Subaru Legacy B4 2.0i

subaru legacy

Our next pick’s name is a bit of a mouthful, but it’s worth it when you see the pay-off. In the world of Japanese used cars this one is a little bit of a dark horse, so if you want luxury, speed, and performance all wrapped up into one car, look no further – you’ve found it.

This 2-litre turbo-charged engine spits out 276 horsepower with ease, taking you from not moving at all to absolutely shooting away at 100km/h in just under six seconds. The Legacy is also the only car on our list that has four-wheel drive, allowing for fantastic control both in and out of the city. Now, that doesn’t make it an all-terrain vehicle; the clearance on a sedan is not made for off-road situations, but as an urban or open-road vehicle it has few faults.

Furthermore, the Legacy cruises beautifully, so even if you’re restricted to 50km/h you’ll enjoy the ride. The interior is luxurious, the exterior admittedly slightly generic, but all the more interesting when you find out what’s hidden within. Those with a need for speed and an appreciation for performance will love this one.

Audi A3 Sportback 1.4

audi a3

Last, and certainly not least, we have the Audi A3.

This is a hatchback that will do the absolute most for you. If the Swift Sport is zippy, then this one is absolutely flying in comparison. A deceptively small 1.4-litre engine takes 150 horses and puts them to work for you, so you go from still to 100km/h in 8.2 seconds. With a maximum speed of 220km/h, the Sportback is another car that will transition well from the city to the road trip – after all, that speed means that the motorway might not be quite enough road for you.

And don’t worry about storage either – the sport hatch has plenty of space and five seats for all of your people-moving needs. Additionally, you’ll love the 5.8l/100km fuel economy – that’s what we call performance for value.

So, do your hunting around and have a good time with the test drives – find your perfect vehicle at a used showroom today.

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