Get Instant Pre-Approval of Your Car Finance Deal!

We live in a culture of instant gratification. We microwave our breakfast, make instant coffee and surf our mobile phones for instant weather reports, news headlines and stock quotes. If we want an immediate answer to the burning questions of the universe or the meaning of life, we Google It. So why would car buying be any different? Why can’t we go online and instantly calculate our weekly and monthly loan payments and get an instant answer?

Well, now you can with MOTOR CO’s online finance calculator and loan application for the best car finance deals. Whether you stop by and visit one of our two Auckland locations in person, or continue shopping here on our website, you can get the instant gratification you’re accustomed to when you work with us. Get an immediate answer on a used car finance deal today on the largest selection of imported Japanese and European cars for sale in New Zealand.

MOTOR CO Offers Instant Pricing on Used Car Finance Deals

Get straightforward pricing on every car we sell because we do our own financing. Our estimated weekly financed prices are listed right next to the total vehicle purchase price. What’s more is that we can often get you a better deal than the banks on your car finance deals. If you’d like to see how much your specific payment would be, find out with the price calculator.

Start by inputting the purchase price of your preferred vehicle and your down payment amount or the value of your trade-in. Next, choose the term length of the loan by selecting the number of months. The standard interest rates and instalment fees are already built-in, and you’ll instantly see your estimated payment. Now that you have an estimate, you can easily see all the cars that we have available in that price range. How easy is that?

When you’re ready for the best car finance deal on the car of your choice, you can speak to our friendly staff to get a more exact figure. Better yet, even before walking through the door, you can apply for pre-approval for your custom used car finance deal with our easy online application. With a range of interest rates and options for the fully employed or self-employed, we will work with you to get you driving home in the car of your dreams.

Come in For a Test Drive & Leave with The Best Car Finance Deal

We have one location in Penrose and another in Mt. Smart for you to come in and take a test drive of the finest imported Japanese and European cars in New Zealand. Imagine yourself behind the wheel, and we can help make your dreams a reality. We can even work with you if you don’t have a deposit or trade-in. We work with a variety of situations, and we have a range of interest rates for car finance deals you’ll be happy to drive home with.